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Hiring a Southfield Car Accident Lawyer to Maximize Your Settlement

Oct 17

After being involved in a car accident, you must do the right thing to optimize your chances of receiving maximum compensation. It starts by hiring a highly qualified car accident lawyer in Southfield, MI, and in this case, Wigod & Falzon, P.C. should be your go-to legal team. We have been in the legal field for more than 20 years, meaning we know everything it takes to build your case and obtain the highest possible compensation in Southfield, MI. We maximize your settlement by:

Thorough Investigation

Proving liability and seeking compensation in a car accident case is not always easy, but with our Southfield car accident lawyer, it will be a smooth process. After all, we take the time to assess your case and use our resources to gather the necessary evidence. It helps us build a solid case, prove liability, and get you the compensation you deserve for Car Accident Lawyer Michigan.

Documenting Your Injuries and Treatment

Medical bills are crucial when it comes to the legitimacy of your case. That’s why our Car Accident Lawyer Michigan obtains all medical records to keep a journal. It helps us to show the extent of your injuries, how they affect your life, and the amount you’ll need to get back on track.

Valuing the Full Extent of Damages

We understand the full extent of damages caused by car accidents. For instance, an accident affects you mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally Car Accident Lawyer Michigan. We consider all these factors in determining the settlement offer that would be reasonable for your situation. In this case, we calculate:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical costs and future medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering

Observing the Statutes of Limitation

In Michigan, you must file a car accident claim within a specific period to seek full coverage of medical treatment and other damages. The faster we get started, the higher the chances of winning the case. That’s why we encourage you to contact our Car Accident Lawyer Michigan right after the accident. We’ll have the time to obtain evidence, talk to witnesses, and investigate to support your case. Besides, it allows us to handle every aspect of the case precisely without skipping any important details.

Wigod & Falzon, P.C. is the go-to legal team for your car accident case. Car Accident Lawyer Michigan have years of experience and a solid track record in securing maximum compensation for our clients in Southfield and the surrounding areas. So call us today, and we’ll be honored to fight for your best interests.

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