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Custom Plush

Oct 26

How do you choose high-quality custom plush for your child?

Custom Plush toys are loved by many. But what may seem appealing can actually be dangerous. We must remember that security is our greatest asset. Here are my thoughts on work and personal life.

1. Firstly, determine the age of the person. Then, buy custom plush that are practical and safe.


Children between the ages 0 and 1 should not buy toys with paintings or prints. To prevent neck tie, all toys must not have ropes placed above the child's head. If there is a neck tie, it can be removed with needles.


2. The quality and appearance of fabrics. This includes the low and high grades of raw materials, length (special yarn, purse yarn), special yarn, and the length of the yarn. These are critical factors that determine the price of custom plush


3. Look at the stuffing of custom plush. This is another factor that can affect the price of custom plush.


4. Check for trademarks, safety symbols, manufacturer contact information, etc. Make sure the binding is strong.


5. Check the exterior and interior packaging. If the markings match, the packaging's performance is water-proof. The plastic bags used inside the packaging are too large. To avoid children getting suffocated, the bag should be opened with stomata.