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Customised Yoga Mat

Nov 6

Why do companies customised yoga mat ?

There are 36 million yoga teachers in the United States. The reason for this is due to the growing body of research that demonstrates yoga's benefits to those who incorporate it into their lives. This ritual is also being used in a number of healthcare settings such as hospital classes and treatment sessions for occupational, physical and speech therapists. These are amazing developments and the yoga community should be acknowledged for their significant contribution to the healthcare system.

Every year, customised yoga mats sell for more than 10,000,000. You might be surprised to learn that you can't choose from so many types if you have never bought one. These mats come in a variety of sizes, including a 24 inch width and a 68 or 72 inch length. These mats are great for athletes and those with different bodies. There are many thickness options available, with the most popular being 1/4 inch and 1/8 inches. The most popular color is purple, which can be found in a wide variety of colors and designs. This product is made of a variety of materials including plastic (PVC), rubber and cork.

A yoga mat is necessary to perform asanas. A yoga mat is essential for anyone who enjoys other forms of exercise, such as running or yoga. There are many types of mats available, including outdoor mats and interlocking mats. Some can also support heavy machinery.

There are many options to personalize any type of mat. You can personalize your yoga mat to reflect your passions.

Get inspired

You can have any design printed on a personalized yoga mat. It's now easier than ever to choose the design that you want, place an order and wait for your mat to arrive at your doorstep. Consider the design ideas you have in mind before you order it printed. Also consider the colors that you will use to match your mat. You have the option to use your own design or purchase original ideas. Also, you can learn more about printing.


Designs can include text as well as images. Your name may appear on the pattern. To keep you motivated while exercising, you might include a motivating saying. A phrase or reminder about how to maintain a good posture can also be included. Any of these phrases can be printed on your mat. It is your custom yoga mat!

You can choose the type you want

A customised yoga mat allows you to choose the material that suits your needs best. It doesn't matter if you prefer natural, PU or PVC.

Amazing visual effects

UV printing will be a preferred method of printing in the future. It is an environmentally-friendly option. This cutting-edge technique can completely harden materials without the need to use solvent evaporation or powder spraying. The ink is fast drying and doesn't deteriorate. Because of its accuracy, the printing process is quick. UV printing has a stronger visual impact of color than flatbed printing. It can produce more pleasing results for products that have specific color requirements. Ask those who are most important to you to sign their names and send them encouraging messages and well wishes. As you train, imagine having a constant reminder to them of their love and support.

Enhance your brain

A quality and durable mat is essential for practicing asanas outdoors or indoors. Many yoga enthusiasts prefer reversible mats. It offers the best gift of support, balance and ease.

Some of the benefits include:

They help in self-correction, reduce and avoid damage, as well as improving all aspects of your health, especially your emotional well-being.

They aid in the separation of the body and the ground. This supports the production heat and energy in the body.

Mats are very hygienic because they absorb sweat and keep your body balanced from top to bottom. They also provide comfort and complete relaxation.

Design, design, design

You can print all over the top of personalized yoga mats, maximising your creative space. You can express your creativity and connotative powers with your message, artwork, or design.

These are some ideas to inspire you in your design.


Good fonts don't have to be difficult to read. The reverse is true, too. Try embracing boldness with small fonts and simple sentences. It wouldn't hurt to use a motivational phrase in this instance. After all, yoga practitioners are known for their ability to bend and strengthen their muscles. You can inspire them! They will be able to identify the terms even if they are related. It doesn't matter what alignment you choose, legibility is important. Make sure your kerning and point are clear.


Even though yoga's calmness is evident in natural scenes such as sunrises, desert sands and placid lakes, it's not always possible to capture large landscapes in such constrained spaces. Layered depth can be achieved by using overlapping illustrations. Photographers can also still capture the beauty of nature in close-ups, taking advantage of all the textures found outdoors.


To engage the abstractly-minded, offer color pieces in simple, striped, or geometric settings. This means that you should adopt symmetry, simple forms, and well-organized lines. You also need to reduce your aesthetic elements to a minimum. You might also consider using a complementary color scheme, instead of one that is bright and chaotic, regardless of whether it's subdued, bright, or muted.

Repeating patterns

It is well-known that repetitive design can lead to motion and routine. Yoga, however, requires repetition. There are many ways to "echo" your artwork. These include a single column or a pseudo-wraparound. You can also use a border-buckling full bleed. It is the accuracy of your artwork that matters most. If it was inaccurate, the repeat would cease to exist.

Designs that use the perimeter

It's worth it, custom yoga mats have to be rolled out in order to be used. Do not decorate the ends. Only one. Let the elements shine through all of the edges. Then, cut the artwork in half and line up the center along the mat's edges. You can also approach the mat as a frame, with your subjects sticking out or peeking out.

Floating and centered designs

When a topic is centralized, the Rule of Thirds will be rejected. It does allow you to concentrate on your art. You can also explore and appreciate negative spaces (if you haven't already), Place your design in the center and extend it all the way to its edge. If your design can "float", it will not be constrained by rigid borders.

Designs that maximise surface area

Contrary to the previous statement, you can make full use of the small dimensions of the yoga mat by creating a visual narrative that is best told vertically. You can create something that is equal in weight on both ends, but doesn't repeat any pieces.

The perfect gift

Are you and your partner yoga enthusiasts? Why not surprise your significant other with a personalized yoga mat? Ask them questions to help you decide what to include. Ask them what makes them happy, what's their favorite photo or ask them about their ideal weekend. You can capture a photo of them together with their pet if they are pet owners. It will melt their hearts. Imagine their reactions when they see the photo printed on their gift! So adorable!

To sum up

It can be hard to practice yoga, especially if you are just beginning. You must be focused and committed if you are to reap the benefits of this exercise. You run the risk of falling if you stretch your body in different angles. This could lead to serious injuries. You can avoid this problem by using high-quality yoga mats.

It has been a worldwide phenomenon because of its many physical and mental benefits. A yoga mat is essential gear to practice the sport. It can be used indoors, outdoors, in beautiful surroundings, or in formal sessions. Anyone who has ever done this exercise will know how important a mat is to their ability to have high-quality sessions and stay motivated. What better way to stay motivated then by designing your own yoga mats? Pictures can help us stay motivated, as we all know. Although not everyone is gifted in design, there are many examples that you can look at to inspire you.



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