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What You Need To Know About Estate Planning Atlanta GA

Dec 15

Many people see estate planning in Atlanta, GA as something that only the extremely wealthy need to think about. Although you may not have a lot to worry about, it is still important to plan for your assets and possessions. An estate planning lawyer in Atlanta, GA can help you create a will to protect your wishes. A will, a legal document, is how you designate how you want your assets distributed after you are gone. Without a will, your assets will be divided by the state, which might not be what you desire. A Estate Planning Lawyer Atlanta who specializes in estate planning can help you set up a trust. This is another valuable tool for estate planning. A trust is a way to hold property and assets for someone else. A trust could be created to help your parents care for their elderly parents or to fund your children's education.

An Estate Planning Attorney Atlanta can help with trusts or wills. An estate planning lawyer can help you make an estate plan. Estate planning is vital for everyone, no matter their age or assets. It is possible to ensure your loved one's care in the event that you are no longer able to do so. Estate planning involves many aspects, so it can be daunting to try to understand all the details. An Estate Planning Lawyer Atlanta with experience can help you make a plan that best suits your needs. It is important to plan how your assets will be distributed. You can make a will that specifies who gets your possessions. If you do not have a will, the laws of your state will determine who receives your property.

Consider what happens to your dependents should you pass away. You'll need to name a guardian if you have minor children. A trust could also be created to meet their financial needs. Not only will you need to distribute your assets, but you will also make decisions about your healthcare. If you are incapacitated, you will need someone to take your place. You might also wish to create a living trust that specifies your wishes regarding end-of-life care. Estate Planning Atlanta is a complicated process. It's important that you take the time and create a plan that fits your needs. An experienced lawyer can help you ensure that your loved one is well taken care of and that your wishes will be carried out.

Estate Planning Atlanta involves the preparation of assets for transfer after your death. It involves the creation of a will, trusts, or power of attorney and healthcare directives. The first step to estate planning is to determine your assets and decide what to do. Decide who will inherit your assets, what they will inherit, and when they will get them. You must also decide what will happen with your debts and how they will get paid. If you have minor children, you will need to appoint someone as guardian in your will. A trust may also allow you to make a guardianship arrangement.

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